Antamina, Minsur and Marcobre join the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru to solve the challenges of the sector

Antamina, Minsur and Marcobre join the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru to solve the challenges of the sector

The Mining Innovation Hub of Peru added as new partners to who will work together with other companies in the industry to innovate, solve challenges and build the mining of the future.

According to the Hub, the benefits of this incorporation highlight the interaction with national and international actors in the ecosystem, access to a portfolio of innovative initiatives, participation in a broad agenda of activities and the support of a specialized innovation team, both in methods of development as well as in the generation of culture.

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The incorporation of these three companies as new partners is important, since we will add other perspectives and experiences of great professionals to share among peers. This union means more cases to share, more points of view and more talent promoting innovation in the sector… Let us remember that the mining sector has an important and strategic participation in the process of economic reactivation and development of Peru.”, said Pamela Antonioli, general manager of the Hub.

According to the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat), mining represents 12% of private investment and 59% of Peruvian exports. In 2021, the sector provided the State, between income taxes, Special Tax on Mining (IEM), Special Tax on Mining (GEM) and Royalties, more than S/ 14,400 million.

It should be noted that the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru has been leading various initiatives that help create spaces in which they share challenges, success stories, innovations; they contribute to the implementation of a culture of collaboration and innovation and accelerate the development of innovative initiatives by connecting with the national and international ecosystem.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Peru is the second largest producer of silver, copper and zinc worldwide. Likewise, the Andes Mountains represent the main source of mineral deposits in the world, making our country the leading producer of gold, zinc, tin, lead and molybdenum in Latin America.

What is the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub?

The Hub is made up of mining companies, large suppliers and allied institutions of the innovation ecosystem. Its objective is to facilitate innovation in the sector through collaborative actions.

In this space, member companies and allies come together to share knowledge, develop activities, support new initiatives and promote good practices, since their interest is to lead the mining sector towards a more positive, efficient and sustainable future.Antonioli pointed out.


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