ANSES: who gets paid this Friday, May 6

ANSES: who charges this Friday, September 23

This Friday the 23rd, the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) advances with the payment schedule corresponding to the month of September. During this day the remuneration of two social benefits will be delivered.

According to what was reported by the pension agencytoday it is the turn to charge those pensioners and retirees whose contributions are greater than $48,729. Those who are holders of this benefit of the ANSES and your DNI ends in 2 and 3, you can go to the bank this same day to withdraw your cash.

Retirees and pensioners will receive a bonus of $7,000 for three months: September, October and November.

On the other hand, as of Monday 26, the ANSES will pay the maximum retirement contributions of those whose DNI ends in 4 and 5; on Tuesday the 27th it will be the turn of the holders with documents ending in 6 and 7; while on Wednesday 28 the calendar will end with the DNI whose termination is 8 and 9.

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