ANR uses relatives of cancer patients to proselytize

Julio Rolón Vicioso, former Vice Minister of Health and current director of the National Cancer Institute (Incan), published on social networks a political act in which he participated on Tuesday night in the city of Capiatá.

What was striking was that Incan officials and members of the Association of Cancer Patients and Family Members participated in the event.

“I appreciate the presence of the mayor of Capiatá and candidate for governor of Central, Luis Fernando González,” reads part of the post.

The criticisms were immediate, and several users questioned that the former Deputy Minister of Health is using relatives of cancer patients for his proselytizing acts. Or to the same officials who should be caring for the sick.

Rolón Vicioso was forced to lift the publication due to the wave of criticism.


In March 2021, after the dismissal of Julio Mazzoleni as Minister of Health, Julio Rolón Vicioso, deputy minister of the portfolio, also resigned from the position of deputy minister of Public Health.

Only three months later, at the end of June, the doctor took over as head of the National Cancer Institute (Incan).

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