TSJE guarantees simultaneous inmates with electronic voting for December 18

ANR Party Electoral Tribunal reviewed voting machines and DVD

The President of the ANR Party Electoral Tribunal, Dr. Santiago Brizuela, who was accompanied by members Dr. Armando Mendoza and Dr. Artemio Castillo, and TEP technicians, verified the 7,072 voting machines that are in the TSJE premises and also the hard disk and the DVDs that have the data and that will go inside the voting machines. All of this is in order to offer maximum security to affiliates that their votes will be respected and that there is an absolute guarantee of the electoral result.

Dr. Santiago Brizuela offered a press conference at the TSJE to reassure the movements and all co-religionists who will vote on December 18 of this year.

“We are verifying all the machines and the DVDs with technicians from the TEP and from the Argentine company, to transmit security that the vote of each co-religionist will be valid and will be respected, we are auditing all the machines that will be used in the voting and the DVDs and the mother Hard Drive that does not allow modifications, and there are 7,500 discs”, explained Brizuela.

Likewise, the head of the TEP emphasized that they will follow up on all the traceability of the shipment of all electoral materials to the polling places, “there is no possibility of modifying anything, there is a mechanism that offers absolute security and with this we want to give peace of mind to the people that their vote will be respected, there will be a full guarantee of the popular will,” he said.

Santiago Brizuela concluded that they are going to triple seal all the voting machines, the hard drive and the results envelopes and all the electoral materials that go to the polling places.

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