ANP signs contracts related to the 17th Bidding Round

ANP makes agreement with Agenersa to study the natural gas industry

The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) signed today (21) with the Regulatory Agency for Energy and Basic Sanitation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Agenersa) a technical cooperation agreement, aimed at developing studies on the regulation of activities of the natural gas industry at state and federal levels.ANP makes agreement with Agenersa to study the natural gas industry

The agreement also provides for the deepening of debates on the Novo Mercado de Gas. This federal government program is aimed at “forming an open, dynamic and competitive natural gas market, contributing to the country’s economic development”, informed the ANP, through its press office.

The agreement also provides for training and education in the area of ​​regulation of piped natural gas, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG); exchange of information relevant to the regulation of the natural gas industry; cooperation in studies on the general aspects of the regulation of the transport, distribution and commercialization of natural gas; studies on the boundaries of competence in relation to the regulation of the use of biogas from different sources.

The agreement will be valid for five years, with the possibility of extension, through the execution of an Addendum by the parties. It is in line with Federal Law No. 14,134/2021 (“New Gas Law”) and its Regulatory Decree No. 10,712/2021, which provides that “the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the ANP must coordinate with the States and the Federal District for the harmonization and improvement of the norms related to the natural gas industry”.

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