Another twenty Cuban migrants reach the Florida Keys

Two groups totaling 21 Cuban irregular migrants They were detained Sunday morning after landing at various points in the Florida Keys.

According to local media reports, the Border Patrol reported that 17 of them had arrived through Big Pine Key, while another four were found on Colony Beach Key.

The authorities described one of the boats in which they had arrived as “rustic”. No injuries or medical problems were reported among the migrants and, according to Patrol Chief Walter N. Slosar, on his Twitter account, they would be processed for deportation.

The attempts of Cuban citizens to reach the United States both by land and by sea have increased significantly in recent months due to the deep economic crisis that the Island is experiencing.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government points to the Cuban Adjustment Act as a reason for citizens of their country to try to reach the United States irregularly by land or sea. This legislation allows access to permanent residence in the northern nation to Cubans who remain at least one year in its territory.

Mexico and the United States return almost a hundred migrants to Cuba

Since October 1, 2021, when the current fiscal year began, more than 3,400 Cuban migrants who traveled by sea have been detained by US authorities, according to a report from Eph.

Among the migrants who made their journey by land, the number is much higher. The figure pointed out by this source is 140,000 from October to April, according to official data.

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