Another Nicaraguan dies in the United States, he was found lifeless in the apartment he rented

Another Nicaraguan dies in the United States, he was found lifeless in the apartment he rented

The Nicaraguan Gerald Francisco Picado Lopez, 23 years old, joins the list of compatriots who have died in the United States. The young man’s body was found lifeless on July 2 in the apartment he rented in Miami, Florida.

According to the organization Texas Nicaraguan Community (TNC), so far the causes of death of Picado López are unknown. The young man had arrived in the United States seven months ago with the intention of improving his living conditions and financially supporting his family in Nicaragua.

The deceased is originally from the city of Boaco, and his family has requested the collaboration of the public to be able to repatriate his remains and give him a Christian burial.

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Gerald Picado López’s family needs to collect the sum of seven thousand dollars to repatriate his body to his hometown, detailed TNC.

The family of the young man from Boaqueño needs to collect seven thousand dollars for his repatriation. Photo: Reference

If you wish to offer your support, you can do so at bank account number 130234827 of the Bank Lafise. Or contact the phone number +505 8873-4169.

The number of migrants who have perished beyond our borders continues to rise, and so far this year there have been 54 fatalities, according to data from various international organizations.

Femicides, murders, suicides, heat strokes, submersion and causes not yet clarified are the reasons why more than 50 Nicaraguan migrants have died in the United States to date. The information has been extracted from various sources, among which are: data from the organization Texas Nicaraguan Community, reports on social networks and the media of that country.

Until now, the month of June is the period in which the highest number of migrants who died on North American soil is recorded, with 19.

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