Another great comedian who leaves us: the popular 'Topolino' of Happy Saturdays passed away, he was 100 years old

Another great comedian who leaves us: the popular ‘Topolino’ of Happy Saturdays passed away, he was 100 years old


Jorge Alfonso Zuluaga was hospitalized several years ago as a result of pneumonia. A few days ago the popular ‘Mandíbula’ had also died.

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The humorist Jorge Alfonso Zuluaga, better known as ‘Topolino’, died this Wednesday, June 1, at the Cardioinfantil Clinic in Bogotá, he was 100 years old.

‘Topolino’ had been admitted to the clinic since May 24 as a result of pneumonia.

As will be remembered, the comedian worked for more than 15 years on Colombian television, remembered above all in programs such as Happy Saturdays on Canal Caracol.

After his death, friends and close colleagues of ‘Topolino’ expressed their condolences through social networks, including ‘Don Jediondo’.

a painful loss

Zuluaga’s death occurred exactly one month after he turned 100 years old, on May 1.

There was but honored in the program La Red for his birthday:

  • “It’s already 100 years, he speaks less, but he still retains his humor. He sometimes he tries to bring out that spark and it’s funny. He is already more leisurely.”

‘Topolino’ was already somewhat weak due to a stroke he suffered during 2021.

Who was ‘Topolino’

He was a comedian and journalist who began his career at El Espectador in 1952 as a court reporter. He worked on the radio as a reporter and scriptwriter in the 1960s and 1970s in the Todelar, La Voz de Bogotá and Horizonte media outlets.

His career as a comedian began with an invitation from Alfonso Lizarazo to participate in the program Happy Saturdays.

Zuluaga’s appearance on Happy Saturdays gave him recognition as one of the best comedians of that time. In addition to that he also spent his time writing books.

A few days ago ‘Mandíbula’ had passed away

Relatives of Marcelino Rodríguez, better known as ‘Mandíbula’ for his iconic character on the Canal Caracol comedy show, ‘Happy Saturdays’, confirmed his death on May 27 at 71 years of age.

The comedian retired from the stage in 2013 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, died that Friday at about 5:05 in the morning in a clinic in Bogotá.

The causes of his death are associated with Covid-19.

Caracol Television lamented the death of one of the emblems of the oldest comedy show in Colombia. A heartfelt goodbye to Jaw.

“The ugly” most loved in Colombia, Marcelino Rodríguez, due to his illness had problems with memory, thought and behavior, and this led him to separate from the cast of “Happy Saturdays” in 2012.

Despite being retired from the program, his colleagues and friends from the program continue to visit him in his apartment in Bogotá.

A few months ago, it was Patricia Silva, a member of the cast of “Happy Saturdays” who always had Mandíbula in mind and asked about his health, went to visit him.

In their meeting with the humorist remembered for his sktechs in which his “ugliness” was highlighted, they revealed that Canal Caracol continued to pay his salary.

Although the amount was not revealed, his wife, Gloria Grajales, indicated that: “It is enough to cover all your expenses.”

Jaws spent his last years removed from the screens, and under the care of his family and closest friends.

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