Annoyance in León due to the ban on Catholic processions

Annoyance in León due to the ban on Catholic processions

The propaganda media of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo tried this Tuesday to calm the spirits of the Leonese community that has received with annoyance the prohibition of processions in this city, which was made public by the bishop of this Diocese, Monsignor René Sándigo.

Sándigo said that for greater reasons, the processions of Jesús del Triunfo and others that have been celebrated for centuries during Holy Week had been prohibited.

The issue caused a stir, but not only among the parishioners, but also among the spokesmen for the regime. “There is no official government position, much less any statement from Rosario Murillo Zambrana, nor from the president of Daniel Ortega Saavedra, they have said absolutely nothing against the processions,” the pro-government journalist told his audience. Israel García, host of the Punto de Encuentro program that is broadcast on Radio La “F” in the municipality of León.

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In an extended address of more than nine minutes, the political operator initially recalled the invitation made by Monsignor Silvio Antonio Selva, to the mass, consecration and procession of the image of the Lord of the Review, for today Wednesday. He later said that in Nicaragua there is “freedom of worship.”

View of the Cathedral of León. Photo: VEL

«There is no provision that goes against it, if he does that (suspends processions) it is by decision of him, (Monsignor Selva) or of the Bishop of León (Rene Sándigo) who will have to render his accounts, but there is no disposition so that the processions do not leave. On the contrary, popular piety is being promoted. So everyone to the procession in San Felipe, what is the fear? What is the fear? the government announcer questioned in a confused speech.

In addition, the journalist strangely said that no one can take away from Nicaraguans the processions that are a centuries-old tradition, accusing Bishop Sándigo of being responsible for the prohibitions, when the entire country has learned that the one who prohibits them is the Police, in compliance with of orders that come from Managua.

outraged congregation

Faced with these prohibitions, the Catholic people have reacted with indignation and have condemned it. “We reject the decision imposed by the government of Ortega and Murillo, they have taken away the right that we have as religious, to commemorate and live one of the most archaic traditions for the Nicaraguan Catholic people, in which the last moments of Christ are remembered in the earth: the passion, death and resurrection”, lamented Norma Guido.

«Holy Week should be a period of reflection, spiritual recollection and gratitude to God. But this government is taking away a right that we have. We remind you that we are a secular country, and that we have the right to profess the religion we want,” said Francisco Castillo, a member of the Sutiaba indigenous community.

Annoyance in León due to the ban on Catholic processions
Procession of San Benito de Palermo (León). Photo: VEL

For Raúl Largaespada, Holy Week is living a historic event that allows Christians to come into direct contact with God, through the gospel for the forgiveness of sins.

«To live Holy Week is to accompany Jesus with our prayers, sacrifices and repentance for our sins, and although this government prohibits processions, our faith will never be broken. We are called to pray for them so that they achieve salvation and forgiveness for all the suffering they have caused our people,” he said.

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