Announce the birth of "LATAM 4.0": the first artificial intelligence coalition in Latin America

Announce the birth of “LATAM 4.0”: the first artificial intelligence coalition in Latin America

At the Third Artificial Intelligence Summit “IA Colombia” recently held in Bogotá, Jean García Periche, president of GENIA Latin America, formally announced the launch of the “LATAM 4.0” coalition; which brings together companies, universities, governments, and civil society organizations to create the regional ecosystem of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America.

By making LATAM 4.0 official, GENIA revealed the implementation axes that accompany this initiative. Focusing on its objective of turning Latin America into a producer of industry 4.0 and a world technological power, the group encouraged the public to join the Latin American Council of Innovation and Knowledge (CLIC) and invited them to join its network of intelligence laboratories. artificial #YoSoyFuture.

The Summit was attended by the Minister of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) of Colombia, Dr. Sandra Urrutia, who mentioned the government’s interest in “seeking the potential of the knowledge society to generate equality and productivity” , in front of a group of diverse leaders from the private sector and civil society.

“We are implementing a Regional Artificial Intelligence Strategy to create a network of expert talent in Latin America, based on the criteria that only through a regional approach can we scale our industries. No country in isolation is going to be able to face this challenge”, affirmed García Periche, emphasizing that “Industry 4.0 will be regional, or it will not be.”

GENIA, the technology startup founded at the NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley, currently works in 8 countries, teaming up with multiple scientific research institutions, and developing custom machine learning.

“We call on the main leaders of Latin America to join LATAM 4.0 to attract investment and guarantee the participation of our organizations in the development of the algorithms that lead the new economy. GENIA designs systems that take advantage of this opportunity of more than 500 billion dollars, because it recognizes the power of artificial intelligence, its public benefit and the value of a market of almost 670 million inhabitants”, added Felipe Castro Quiles, CEO of GENIA Latin America.

This project paves the way for a necessary transformation of socioeconomic development models towards the new era. LATAM 4.0 is already a reality. Learn more about this and other initiatives, visiting genia

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