Anniversary of Plan 3,000: CRE goes with a medical brigade and fumigation in the neighborhoods

Anniversary of Plan 3,000: CRE goes with a medical brigade and fumigation in the neighborhoods

March 18, 2023, 20:12 PM

March 18, 2023, 20:12 PM

The Rural Electrification Cooperative (CRE) installed this Saturday its solidarity medical brigade in Plaza El Mechero, of Plan 3,000, and registered 2,409 free care, within the framework of the celebrations for the 40 years of the citadel. Among the specialties that were offered were general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, nutrition, physiotherapy, neurology, psychological counseling and capillary glycemia test.

“Congratulate CRE for this initiative,” said María Dionisia, a neighbor of the Paraíso Urbanization, who took advantage of the occasion and had her seven, six and three-year-old children checked. Carlos Mendoza, carrier, inhabitant of the Virgen de Cotoca neighborhood, expressed his gratitude to the electricity distributor. “It is very interesting what they do, because other companies do not do the same, Even the same authorities that have the obligation to attend to the neighborhoods do not do so, so we encourage them to continue visiting us,” he said.

CRE medical brigade in Plan Tres Mil / photo: CRE

Yoselín Tacara, another resident of Municipal District 8, highlighted CRE’s commitment to community health. “With the situation we are going through, this is a great thing, because there are several sick children, In this way we can know the state in which our little ones are,” said the resident of the Copacabana neighborhood. “We appreciate that you remember the partners and users of Plan 3,000,” she added.

Anniversary of Plan 3,000: CRE goes with a medical brigade and fumigation in the neighborhoods

A dentist explains to children the importance of brushing teeth / photo: CRE

Rosa Cuéllar, vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, who was in charge of personally attending to the families that sought medical assistance, highlighted the cooperation of the Cooperative Medical Center, Medco and the Higher Training Center, Crece, the two operating arms of the CRE Foundation.

In addition, we have the presence of graduates from different courses of our Family Support program, which is in charge of training especially the women of the home in skills such as decoration and balloons, bakery, painting on fabric, cutting and sewing, among other trades, ”explained Cuéllar.

Líder Méndez, president of the CRE RL Surveillance Council, highlighted the cooperative’s commitment to the Santa Cruz population. “One of the three pillars of our Social Responsibility programs is health, along with education and support for the community. That is why we are in this beautiful citadel to celebrate with solidarity the 40th anniversary of its foundation”, he expressed.

Anniversary of Plan 3,000: CRE goes with a medical brigade and fumigation in the neighborhoods

A woman has her blood pressure measured / photo: CRE

Likewise, on the eve of the celebration in Plan 3,000, CRE fumigated the 155 neighborhoods, benefiting its 400,000 inhabitants with the campaign against dengue. The Cruceña cooperative activated the Do not bother me mosquito program, one of the 17 Social Responsibility programs that the electricity distributor has in favor of its associates and consumers.

The fumigation campaign was carried out in coordination with the Departmental Health Service, Headquarters. A total of 1,822 blocks, which make up 36 neighborhood units, were covered by four spraying vehicles between March 6 and 16. The vans were specially equipped with thermo-nebulizer pumps, fuel, insecticide and operators for disinfection.

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