Annie Garcés, cantante

Annie Garcés, the singer of the “62 thousand millennia”, is a candidate for deputy in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. — Cuban singer Annie Garcés Santana, famous for having participated in the song Homeland or Death for Life, she was nominated deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power for the municipality of Habana del Este.

The young woman’s candidacy for the Cuban Parliament was approved during the last session of the territory’s People’s Power Assembly.

It was precisely Garcés who was in charge of closing the event by interpreting Riding with Fidela song by the troubadour Raúl Torres in homage to the late Cuban dictator and in which she also participated.

Despite having taken part in various musical performances promoted by the ruling party, the singer achieved notoriety as part of the artistic cast of Homeland or Death for Life a theme composed by Torres in response to homeland and life. His is one of the most remembered lines of the song: “the Revolution has 62 thousand millennia left.”

In addition to her political commitment to the Cuban regime, the official critic has assured that Annie Garcés has “great solidity in her proposal” and that, “although she opens up to different horizons, she shows a very coherent interpretive personality and high poetic flight” .

“More than a singer, I am an instrumentalist, a musician. Many sing because they have that natural gift, because it is a condition with which one is born. But if you are also a musician, that is, you have the ability to read sheet music, to understand harmony…, then this act is faced in a more conscious way… Eduardo Sosa says that I sing as if I were playing the flute,” Garcés said in an interview offered to the newspaper rebel youth in March 2021.

Annie Garcés was not the only musical voice of the ruling party nominated for the National Assembly of Popular Power, Arnaldo Rodríguez, director of the group, was also appointed to a position in Parliament The talisman”.

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