Anla announces construction of a new solar park in Cundinamarca

Anla announces construction of a new solar park in Cundinamarca

The Department of cundinamarca will be the site of the construction of a new solar energy park, since the National Authority for Environmental Licenses (Anla) announced the project Barzalosa Photovoltaic Solar Plantwhich is the jurisdiction of Barzalosa Solar Energya company established in the department of Narino.

This new solar park has the objective to generate up to 100 MW of energy and will have solar panels, inverters, control cabinets, booster substation, project roads, temporary support facilities and permanent support facilitieswhich will converge in an area of ​​288.69 hectares.

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In the same way, prior to construction, the respective analyzes were made on the environmental impact of this and other projects that are in the vicinity, as well as the monitoring measures established within the Environmental Management Plan.

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This demonstrates not only the commitment of the ANLA, but also that of the National Government with the projects of Non-Conventional Sources of Renewable Energy in the country. From this entity we are clear that these are the cornerstone that will allow a fair energy transition, ensuring respect for a healthy environment and the effective participation of the communities potentially affected by the projects.”, declared Rodrigo Negrete Montes, director of ANLA.

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The favorability of the project, as mentioned by the entity, It has already been consulted with the communities of the departmentwhich, for the most part, expressed their position in favor, not only for energy issues, but also for labor and development areas.

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