Animal Welfare Law causes a fight between two deputies of the CDMX Congress

Animal Welfare Law causes a fight between two deputies of the CDMX Congress

The origin of the conflict

It all started in the conference session -which is a collegiate body that approves the agenda of the sessions- held this Wednesday afternoon, when the PVEM deputy asked that the opinion of the Animal Welfare Law be included, the which also refers to bullfights.

However, at the time of the vote, only Morena and PT supported the opinion of Jesús Sesma, while PRD, PAN and PRI voted in abstention, and there were two votes against by Movimiento Ciudadano and a PAN deputy, for so the proposal was rejected.

“I have to say a lot of regret and in a personal capacity to Deputy Gaviño who was a person who promised me his commitment to incorporate this opinion, I am very sorry for his lack of honor, of his word, but that’s how it is, we will continue,” the legislator reproached.

In response, Jorge Gaviño denied that he has committed to voting for a law that -in his opinion- goes against the welfare of animals.

“When reviewing the opinion, I find serious violations of animal rights that I could not sustain that a law like this could be approved, it is a regressive opinion, the possibility of killing animals that do not have an owner is being considered ”, he explained.

Gaviño added that said ruling does not prohibit bullfighting as originally contemplated and empowers city halls to grant permits for animal shows, among other issues.

Due to the above, the deputy Jesús Sesma approached Jorge Gaviño outside his office to reproach him for not having received his support and they made words, several of them high-sounding and later they went on to hit.

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