Anielka Rodríguez denounces the Police for "revolting against her" after asking for a bribe from a Spanish youtuber

Anielka Rodríguez denounces the Police for “revolting against her” after asking for a bribe from a Spanish youtuber

The official from the department of Rivas Anielka Rodríguez, who went viral on social networks after asking for bribes and dating the Spanish youtuber Agustín Ostos during his time in Nicaragua, accuses her leadership of “getting mad at her” stating that her colleagues “have done worse things, but they were awarded.

In a video that circulates on social networks, Rodríguez assures that “it was a joke, anyone makes a mistake and we all take it as a sink. But of all, the least I imagined was that the leadership would fire me, I thought they would only take it as a sanction because I think it was not so serious because what they did was give more wings to the people who are throwing the government and us » Said the ex-officer in rejection of her dismissal.

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“I am annoyed with the attitude of the leadership because other people who have done and committed very serious crimes have even promoted them and with me, with a silly joke and humor, they just made that decision,” she continued adding.

According to the lawyer Yonarqui Martínez, the former official had testified against the former political prisoner of Ometepe Island, Justo Rodríguez, who was sentenced to three years and two months in prison for the alleged crime of “obstruction of functions.” But, in December 2021 he was handed over to his relatives in a paraplegic state.

The defender denounced that Anielka Rodríguez should be accused and prosecuted for acts of corruption since, “in a vile and ruthless manner, she pointed out Don Justo and other young people from Ometepe Island for false crimes. Anielka time always unmasks the scoundrels. Corrupt official », expressed Martínez through her Twitter account.

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