Aníbal Torres: the phrases he left against the press and his admiration for Hitler

Aníbal Torres: the phrases he left against the press and his admiration for Hitler

To everyone’s surprise, this morning, presented his letter of resignation as president of the ministerial cabinet to President Pedro Castillo. In almost half a year, the resigning premier left many controversial phrases. Here we will do a brief review.


During the session of the IV Decentralized Council of Ministers in Huancayo, which took place last Thursday, April 7, the resigning premier took Hitler as an example of development, saying:

The communication routes are like the veins, the arteries in the human being to be able to survive and advance. I’ll give you an example: Italy and Germany were just like us. But once, Adolf Hitler visits northern Italy and (Benito) Mussolini shows him a highway built from Milan to Brescia. Hitler saw that, he went to his country and filled it with highways and airports and made Germany the first economic power in the world”, was what the premier said before the attendees.

“We have to make an effort, we have to make sacrifices to improve our lines of communication. Not only those that lead us from one city to another, but also, even if it is currently a good trail that leads from a trail to a wide communication route or to a market.”

Prime Minister Aníbal Torres explained his sentences about Adolf Hitler in Junín | Photo: PCM

But, it did not stop there, after the questions that involved other embassies, the premier half apologized and described the press as ignorant.

“There is no such thing as an absolutely good or bad human being, I give as an example Hitler who filled Germany with communication channels and ignorance in Peru went to say that I had flattered Hitler, so I gave another example, also in Peru we had one of the most evil criminals, he committed crimes like that of La Cantuta (in reference to Alberto Fujimori), are we going to say that he did not do good things? said.

Statements by Aníbal Torres in Huancayo
Statements by Aníbal Torres in Huancayo


On March 30, Aníbal Torres called on Peruvians to eat fish because the price of chicken was very high and unattainable for the most affected pockets.

“I don’t see so much scarcity in the markets, there is the chicken. What happens is that the price has gone up. By law we cannot lower prices. We have to eat fish that we have in enough quantity”.

“Although the price of chicken goes up, but the price of fish goes down, especially horse mackerel, we have to get used to consuming those substitute products that our sea can provide us.”

Aníbal Torres was criticized for his statements about the Armed Forces.  and the PNP.  (Photo: PCM file)
Aníbal Torres was criticized for his statements about the Armed Forces. and the PNP. (Photo: PCM file)


“Most of the press, especially the capital, misinforms, decontextualizes the information, they have adopted the mechanism used by in Italy, fascism; that Hitler used in Germany, Nazism. They have adopted the policy of these two characters, that is, of using lies as the best instrument to destroy the adversary»he said on a YouTube channel called Rímac Llaqta on June 14.

7 months ago, on January 3, Hannibal Torres lashed out again against the press in the face of criticism of the lack of transparency of the Government of.

An error could be the lack of communication in certain media, but they are media that do not want to inform, that do not want to bring the news to the country, what they want to look for with an interview is an ambush to catch the President to distort himTorres assured.

On April 19, during an interview with another Youtube channel, presented by an ethnocacerist militant, he said:

The reality that the press shows is a fiction, it is a reality created by the press. We are permanently attacked night and day by the big press, or by a sector of the Lima press (…) we have to do something, of course, also in relation to that, because they are already passing; because it is a press that is harming children, that is harming youth, it is a press that deceives, defames, misinforms”.


After Ricardo Gareca’s dismissal from the Peruvian National Team, Aníbal Torres did not remain silent.

“I have an opinion like, surely, all Peruvians have about what happened with coach Gareca and, in that sense, I think that Professor Gareca is an extraordinary coach, he has taken us to a World Cup and almost took us to a second consecutively, without a doubt a professional who knows his trade well. But, he is not the only one, there are even very capable national technicians who can hold that position”said the Premier in statements to Radio Ovación.

Aníbal Torres: the phrases he left against the press and his admiration for Hitler


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