Aníbal Torres: "Preliminary arrest is requested due to suspicions, there is political persecution"

Aníbal Torres: “Preliminary arrest is requested due to suspicions, there is political persecution”

The President of the Council of Ministers, questioned the actions of justice and asserted that there is a “political persecution”, as well as an abusive use of preliminary detention in some cases.

Investigations are initiated by a simple complaint from a media outlet accusing those responsible without evidencethat makes our country look very bad or it looks bad that the big criminals who have stolen millions with acts of corruption, like the Odebrecht case, the construction club, that are released, others on suspicion, are convicted of the media with the support of the justice system”, he referred to the media.

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“The big criminals are free, others, due to suspicion, the maximum preliminary detention is requested, there is an exaggerated disproportion, there is political persecution, there are other cases in which facts, crimes are invented. Some witnesses are being summoned and they have told me how they have been questioned, they are not seeking to know the truth, but to create a crime, we already know for what purpose”, he added.

Torres Vásquez’s statements were given after his participation in the second ordinary session of the National Citizen Security Council (Conasec) in the city of Trujillo, capital of the La Libertad region.

Also present at this event was the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, and the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, who is investigating him for the alleged crime of criminal organization.

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It should be noted that the special team against corruption in power has requested a preventive detention measure from the Judiciary for a period of 36 months against the president’s sister-in-law, Yenifer Paredes.


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