Aníbal Torres denies that he wants to close Congress: "The coup comes from the other side"

Aníbal Torres denies that he wants to close Congress: “The coup comes from the other side”

The President of the Council of Ministers, denied that the Government has given any signal in favor of closing Congress and assured, rather, that it is from Parliament that calls for a “coup” arise for seeking the vacancy or resignation of Pedro Castillo.

“Not at all (the closure of Congress is on the agenda). People throughout the country shout ‘close Congress’ because people see how our Congress is acting, and people shout constituent assembly, despite the fact that we are not promoting the constituent assembly because the president belongs to all Peruvians”assured this Saturday in statements to TV Peru.

“But we have never given the slightest sign of closing Congress. I have that democratic conception that the president has been elected for five years and the Congress has been elected for five years. The coup comes from the other side, through the presidential vacancy, through the suspension of the exercise of the presidency, through constitutional accusation”he added.

Interview with Anibal Torres

Aníbal Torres also ruled out that President Pedro Castillo has resignation from office among his options.

“Yes, I have talked with him about it, but the president is getting stronger, despite the fact that now the persecution is against his daughter who is his sister-in-law, his family, his wife”he asserted.

Along these lines, the prime minister was against promoting an early election due to the uncertainty that holding new elections with the current political class would bring without making additional decisions for political stability.

“There are several sectors in Congress and civil society that propose early elections, but what comes next? Something the same or much worse and that would lead us, in that case, to a civil war. If they want to do that, they can do it, but they have to modify the Constitution and many articles. I believe that we cannot go to new elections with the same political class”he warned.

Aníbal Torres concluded by reiterating that the Government is going to insist on starting a dialogue with Parliament, specifically in the request for the President of said State power, Lady Camones, to meet with the Head of State.

“Yes, we have spoken that we are going to insist on that. The Executive and Legislative need each other to work for the good of the country”he indicated.

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