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Anibal Fernández criticized Espert: "A child cannot be deprived of protection"

Aníbal Fernández crossed José Luis Espert. Photo: Julian Varela.

The Minister of Security, Anibal Fernández, answered this Sunday to José Luis Espert and pointed out that “a child cannot be deprived of economic protection”after the center-right deputy asked to put “a limit on the birth rate in poor households” and “condition” social plans up to two children.

In an interview for Infobae, Espert (Avanza Libertad) expressed that “if a limit is not placed on the birth rate in poor households, Argentina is going to be a gigantic slum in the coming years.”

“You have to condition social plans”marked the deputy and marked the need to limit “the number of children that people have; one cannot give them an AUH (Universal Child Allowance) for each child, up to two children.”

In this regard, Anibal Fernández wrote on his Twitter account: “Beast! Did you read the CN (National Constitution)? A child cannot be deprived of economic protection, due to acts of his parents. He ignores the principle of reasonableness and progressiveness in matters of economic and social rights. How can such a beast legislate? Mother of God!”

The Minister of Security also shared a screenshot of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Argentina adheres, which calls on “the States Parties” to take “all appropriate measures to guarantee that the child is protected against all forms of discrimination or punishment due to the condition, activities, opinions expressed or beliefs of their parents, or their guardians or their relatives”.

Horacio Culaciatti
Horacio Culaciatti.

For its part, the deputy for the Front of All (FdT) Leandro Santoro He pointed out through the same social network: “Birth CONTROL and FREEDOM of the market. Unrestricted freedom for merchandise and ultra-directive Statism for poor people. Total normality.”

In that same line, the general secretary of the CTA and national deputy of the FdT, Hugo Yaskyaffirmed that “those who have to put a limit are the ignorant and anti-rights”.

“This sewer with a bench in Deputies talks about eliminating a right like the AUH and calls for birth control. The recalcitrant right always looking to cut rights and curtail freedoms,” he added.

For its part, the national deputy from Santa Fe for the Socialist Party Enrique Estévez He noted that “in Argentina there is no one left over” and “no one is disposable or worth more than another”.

“The problem in Argentina is the lack of education, health and work. The economy must grow, but not reduce or select the population. They want us without a future and resigned. Let’s say NO, there is another way,” he added.

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