Andy García Lorenzo

Andy García is in serious health in prison, denounces his family

HAVANA, CUBA.- Andy García Lorenzo, political prisoner on July 11, 2021 (11J) in Santa Clara, has not eaten for two days and is in serious health, his sister Roxana García Lorenzo denounced through a live broadcast for your Facebook profile.

“I just spoke with my brother, he is in the El Yabú camp infirmary, his health is critical, he has not eaten for two days because the diet that they gave him is not available at the camp, he does not have rehydration salts, either. The family is also not allowed to bring him medicine or food,” she said desperately.

According to Roxana, Andy told her that “on the same day as Fidel Castro’s birthday” (August 13), he was having lunch and “he got stuck on something, he almost drowned, he doesn’t know what it was”; he had several vomiting and diarrhea in a row, the inmates spent more than half an hour asking for help and the camp guards took more than two hours to transfer him to the hospital.

“He told me that his mouth even turned and his tongue fell back, that he had never felt so close to death before. At no time was the family informed of what was happening,” Roxana said.

In the hospital they gave him a medication that they cannot specify and he was returned to prison. Since then, he has been confined to the infirmary but unable to eat and without the necessary medications.

Andy García, 24 years old, was violently arrested on 11J last year and sentenced to four years in prison for participating in the protests. He was released for five days last May and returned to prison, this time to a labor camp for inmates. The young man has refused to work and the prison authorities keep him isolated from the rest of the inmates.

On July 23 of this year, his family reported that his whereabouts were unknown after prison authorities informed them that the young man he had been transferred from a labor camp, but without further details.

Due to the constant complaints and expressions of support, Andy García’s family remains under constant harassment by the Cuban repressive organs. His brother-in-law, Jonathan López, and his father, Pedro López, have an open investigation process for alleged crimes of “disobedience” and “instigation to commit a crime”, respectively. Both, along with his sister, Roxana García, have also been arrested on several occasions and remained under police surveillance.

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