Andy Carrión on the Freddy Díaz case: "It will be evaluated if there was a risk of flight or obstruction"

Andy Carrión on the Freddy Díaz case: “It will be evaluated if there was a risk of flight or obstruction”

To criminal lawyer, the will evaluate the existence of serious elements of conviction that link the person investigated with the crime of rape of an unconscious woman.

“We are talking about an investigation that the Prosecutor’s Office has just transferred to a preparatory investigation stage and with it the Prosecutor’s Office has raised the standard of suspicion about the congressman, but has also complied with presenting a request for preventive detention and the elements that it contemplates. the Public Ministry are vital. Why was the congressman not present when the events occurred so that he could give an explanation? Second, whether that could qualify as a flight hazard?indicated.

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He also said that the Judiciary must analyze all the evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office presents on the tests carried out on the victim.

“We must also point out what are the indications that the Prosecutor’s Office has, there is not only the version of the aggrieved party, which is what may be enough to start the investigation, but also all the own analyzes for this type of crime such as the legal doctor, the psychological analysis, the Gesell camera analysis, that will be a determining indicator to indicate whether or not the crime of rape has been configured “added Carrion.


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