Andrés Velásquez denounced that the "whim" of the government seeks to avoid its political acts

Andrés Velásque accuses the CNE of trying to interfere in primaries

The national coordinator of La Causa R, Andrés Velásquez, reported that the National Electoral Council (CNE) intends to impose as a condition that the opposition agree to use its electoral machines and that Plan República guard the primary process in order to authorize the use of the polling stations to carry out. He asserted that the proposal should be rejected because both the citizens and the political sectors hope that the entity will not interfere in the process.

The national coordinator of the La Causa R party, Andrés Velásquez, denounced that the National Electoral Council (CNE) intends to interfere in the primaries. According to the political leader, the electoral entity “using the support requested by the National Primary Commission for the use of electoral centers” seeks to impose as a condition that the use of its machines and the custody and control by the troops of the Republic Plan be accepted. .

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The political leader asserted that the proposal should be “roundly rejected by the commission.” He argued that both democratic factors and citizens expect the CNE not to intervene in any way in said process.

“In the last few hours we have received information from different sources that the CNE would be proposing to the Primary Commission, access to the use of polling stations, only if technical support (machines) and custody of the process managed by the Plan is accepted. Republic,” he said, according to a press release released by the party on his Twitter account. Twitter.

He called the proposal unacceptable. In his opinion, it is an attempt to undermine the credibility and trust that democratic factors such as citizens inside and outside the country have placed in the commission, made up of representatives of civil society. He assured that the government seeks to sabotage the possibility of this process being carried out with the required transparency and trust.

“We reject from now on, that in the primary election of the candidate of the democratic factors, which ‘is an internal process’, the CNE intervenes in any way as the electoral arm of the regime, firstly because it is not justified, and mainly because the CNE is a scares votes, no Venezuelan will want to participate in this process if it is carried out by the CNE, with justified reasons based on repeated experiences during these 23 years, with lists that mark votes and stigmatize citizens, just to mention one of the reasons to completely oppose to this attempted intervention by the regime and its executing arm in electoral matters,” said the also candidate for the opposition primaries.

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