Andres Rodriguez: "The CGT analyzes a mobilization against inflation"

Andres Rodriguez: "The CGT analyzes a mobilization against inflation"

The UPCN leader considered that “State policies where everyone comes together” are necessary in search of “putting the shoulder”

The secretary general of the Union of Civilian Personnel of the Nation (UPCN), Andrés Rodríguez, confirmed that the CGT is analyzing the realization of a mobilization for the first fortnight of August, against “inflation” and to ask the political leadership to work for “national unity and the good of Argentina”.

The mobilization that we intend to do is not against anyone. We simply want to expose what is happening and put in the effort to move forward. We want to raise the slogan of development, national production and work, we believe that this is achieved with national unity, between the ruling party and the opposition,” Rodríguez told Radio 10.

Union spokesmen confirmed to Télam that this afternoon, starting at 3:00 p.m., “all sectors of the union” will meet at the national headquarters of the UPCN with the purpose of setting a date for the holding of that call.

Sources from the workers’ union also stated that the meeting will be attended by trade union leaders enrolled in “moyanism, the Federal Current, the new neighborhood and the independents.”

In this sense, the union spokespersons indicated that in addition to setting a date for the march against “the increase in prices and inflation”, the idea is also schedule a concentration to honor Eva Perón, whose death will be 70 years on July 26.

The idea of ​​the leadership of the CGT is to set a date this Thursday afternoon for the march that could be held on 9 de Julio avenue, in Plaza de Mayo or in the vicinity of the National Congressl, they indicated from the central.

Along these lines, Andrés Rodríguez argued that the main concerns of the trade union movement are “inflation” and “improving the income of workers“.

“We must banish speculators. It is true that the international context does not help at all. We must have an institutionality of Argentina preserved. The Government must have the means to eliminate these irregularities,” stressed the union leader.

The UPCN leader considered that “State policies where everyone converges” are necessary in search of “putting their shoulders” in an international context that “does not help”, and assured that at present, the CGT aspires to represent “those movements who want to replace social plans with genuine work.

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