Andrés Caleca from Nueva Esparta: Chavismo has resources, but it has no votes

Andrés Caleca from Nueva Esparta: Chavismo has resources, but it has no votes

The candidate for the primaries Andrés Caleca pointed out that the work of each Venezuelan has to be adequately remunerated, for which reason he questioned the amounts that fishermen receive – he gave the example of octopus fishermen – for their trade and that it barely covers the cost of one working day per week

The independent candidate for the primaries andres caleca He called this Friday, July 14, to “not step on combs” and stay on the electoral route for the 2024 presidential elections.

“Chavismo has resources and uses them criminally, but they do not have votes, that is where they are weak, it is in this field that we must concentrate the effort to defeat them in 2024 and 2025,” Caleca said from the state of Nueva Esparta, where he met with businessmen and residents of the island of Margarita.

He reiterated the need to materialize a “great national coalition for change”, as he assured that he has no intention of “frying Chavistas’ heads in oil, as they offered it, at the time to the adecos. I want to defeat them politically in the presidential elections of 2024 and in the parliamentary and regional elections of 2025, so that they never return to power in Venezuela.”

Caleca also spoke of the need to dignify the remuneration of workers. He commented that he was in the Díaz municipality, in the town of La Guardia, where the fishermen from Palotal are paid one dollar per kilo of octopus “and they have gasoline for one day of fishing a week and also everyone rattles them, how can they support the family? That cannot be accepted because we are people, we are not animals to be treated like this.

He also recalled that it is the workers themselves who have experienced the decline in the economy. He pointed out that the 83% contraction of the Gross Domestic Product is a consequence of the efforts of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. “They have two world records that are difficult to match: bankrupt an oil company with the largest crude oil reserves in the world, and also bankrupt a gold-producing company like Minerven.”

For Caleca, corruption is another of the reasons for these bankruptcies, since “everything is stolen from them, they are the biggest thieves in Venezuelan history. Everything they touch they destroy, they are King Midas in reverse.

Recovering public companies and generating the conditions to attract private investment, both national and foreign, are part of the strategies that Caleca hopes to apply to generate decent, stable and well-paid jobs, an essential condition to get out of poverty.

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