Andrade assured that his candidacy "does not exist" and? "It is probable" support for Cosse

Andrade assured that his candidacy "does not exist" and? "It is probable" support for Cosse

The senator and leader of the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU), Oscar AndradeI affirm that for the moment his candidacy for the Presidency “does not exist” and considered “probable” that the sector that integrates support the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossein the internal ones of 2024.

Andrade, former leader of the construction union (Sunca), was interviewed on Radio Carve’s Así Nos Va program, where he was asked if he saw himself as part of the “menu” of candidates for the Broad Front (FA).

Not today“, responded the senator. And when asked what the PCU will do in the face of the elections and who it will support, Andrade affirmed that his candidacy “today does not exist“.

Is it probable that among the menu of candidates the support will be for Carolina? Yes, it’s likely”estimated.

Andrade said that he has no “intentions” to run, but recalled that he did not have any in 2018, when he did decide to compete. “In the end they ended up convincing me. The candidacy by itself does not contribute. A candidacy for the candidacy itself does not contribute,” he added.

And he explained that in the last elections he had a series of concerns about the FA proposal that are no longer there today. Among them, he listed the “loss of relationship with the social base”, “neglecting the militant structure” and the “cultural battle”.

Although he referred to the issue, the senator considered that “this is not the time for candidacies” and much less “campaign.” “The campaign cannot start now“, he opined.

His statements come days after the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) formalize support for the candidacy of the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi.

Also that the general secretary of the PCU, Juan Castilloaffirmed that Cosse would be a “good candidate” for president.

“There is a set of elements that they make her a good candidate“, he expressed last week in an interview with Who is who, from Channel 5.

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