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And now, who represents us?

At this point in the process of decomposition of the national political structure, for now, dramatically revealed in the internal struggles of the MAS and devastated by the unstoppable and systematic deinstitutionalization that we have suffered for 15 years, it seems valid to ask who represents us.

Unless you identify yourself and are recognized as a native-farmer or an active member of an ethnic group, ordinary citizens; We, those that the established power contemptuously describes as “middle class”, or those of us who wear a white complexion described as kharas, are defenseless and left to the abusive and despotic will of the government. Not only because the essence of the MAS regime tries to build a fascist state, one of those that are built based on concepts of race, but also because it has kidnapped all social representation that does not show “blazons of race” and in the best of cases, of impoverished class. Our deputies and senators remain prisoners of the masista hosts encrypted in Congress under the yoke of the crafty parliamentary majority, or the traps of the ruling party that certainly seem to come out of a cheap magic manual, our citizen leaders do not last long and generally end up in prison or Persecuted, our intellectuals suffer the gag of self-censorship, just like most of the media, and anyone who thinks or thinks differently will be orphaned by any instance that comes out in their defense. For example, worth a button, the Ombudsman, erected as a granite effigy in the middle of a desert of transgression. Added to this is the situation of the Judiciary, transformed into an army of judicial hitmen paid by the State, and the Police, which is now the armed wing of the government under the direct command of a minister. The hope that international mechanisms such as the IACHR can act on our behalf is as remote as the Andromeda galaxy, beautiful in its design and brilliantly blue.

You, dear reader, will wonder what happened to the political parties that, under the canon of political science, are the representation mechanisms of all segments of society, we already know, their chronic weakness, their chronic myopia dosed by personal interests and Groups only left us with the feeling that, no matter how much effort they put into it, they rotate on their own axis and do not advance one millimeter in the democratic reconquest of the Nation. The MAS has suppressed everything.

Factors of all kinds converge in this. The authoritarian vocation of the regime, the progressive degradation of politics, the mediocrity of most of the “Fathers of the Nation”, the end of the ninetieth ideologies, the closure of the State of 52 and the emergence of telluric, magical readings or metaphysics of those who, with Evo Morales, intended to rule for 500 years.

We are, then, at a time when the streets and citizen platforms, pressure groups and the individual and collective will of the voiceless, have been installed as the only reasonable way out to alleviate the disaster and reconstitute democracy and its institutions. We have no other resource than our own forces, and these are nucleated in Citizen Power and the streets, a dangerous dilemma that envisions storms in progress.

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