Analyst highlights that the main destination for exports is Mercosur

Analyst highlights that the main destination for exports is Mercosur

After the LX Mercosur Summit, an analyst highlighted the benefits of the bloc. He argued that without it, the country would be at a marked disadvantage when it comes to making trade deals.

Julieta Heduvan, an international policy analyst, pointed out that she does not consider Mercosur a failure. Although it ended up being an imperfect customs union.

“This does not mean that it does not work. Perhaps it has not turned out to be what was expected, but it has nothing to do with that. Mercosur is much more than regulations. It represents a force in the negotiations of the parties that would not be the same if the member countries did it on their own, ”he explained.

For Heduvan this is reflected in the numbers with exports and imports. Since 60% of exports go to the countries of the bloc.


For the analyst, with Uruguay’s intention to agree on a Free Trade Agreement with China, this represents a warning signal to the bloc, since it violates the fundamental principles.

“All the decisions that one can make will have repercussions in the other states. But it does not mean that Mercosur does not advance in certain things », he explained.

Julieta Heduvan, international policy analyst.

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