Ana del Castillo received a bottle in the face from a fan in the middle of the show

Ana del Castillo received a bottle in the face from a fan in the middle of the show

Anna del Castillo. Photo: @paulbolañosaurith

«If they don’t like an artist… why do they go to his concerts? Internet users criticize the misfits.

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Ana del Castillo, Vallenato music singer, was the victim of an unscrupulous man in the middle of a show on stage.

While the artist was performing several of her musical hits, a blunt object was thrown at her from the place where her presentation was taking place on Friday night at the Festimaria in the municipality of El Carmen de Bolívar, department of Bolívar.

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“In pure reflex”, the singer put her hands to her face to avoid a “bad blow”, however, her efforts were in vain as the blunt object hit her forehead.

After the attack, several of Ana del Castillo’s musicians approached the singer to see what state she was in.

At the moment, the 23-year-old singer born in San Juan del Cesar, La Guajira, has not spoken on her social networks about this bitter episode that her accordion player has also experienced at another musical event.

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The singer has not been the only member of her group that has been affected by a misfit in the middle of a concert.

A couple of months ago, his accordion player, Jafid Nazar, was the victim of a misfit who threw a beer bottle in his face.

The blow caused a bruise on the left side of the artist’s eye, which provoked the rage of the 23-year-old Guajira singer.

For many, this type of aggression is from some misfits who sneak into concerts to sabotage them.

If they don’t like the artist, why do they go to his shows? Is the question they ask on social networks.

On the other hand, they ask the authorities for greater control in events where there are crowds to identify those who have this type of behavior.

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