Ana Belén Montes

Ana Belén Montes was willing to give Castro information about the war in Afghanistan

MIAMI, United States. — Former US official Ana Belen Montesconvicted of espionage, was willing to give Fidel Castro information about the war in Afghanistan, even if it resulted in the death of soldiers from the northern country.

Montes, who will be released on January 6, was the senior analyst on Cuban issues at the United States Defense Intelligence Agency. She according to her publishes The New HeraldIn 2001, the spy herself confessed to the FBI that she was willing to pass on military secrets about the US war in Afghanistan if her bosses in Havana asked her to.

The Miami newspaper also reports that Montes also passed classified information to Havana on a secret US satellite program so sensitive that prosecutors were prohibited from using it if the case went to trial.

“That was the most damaging non-human intelligence it provided to the Cubans and probably other adversaries. And I found it,” said retired FBI agent Peter Lapp in statements reported by the Herald.

It was precisely Lapp who led the undercover operation to enter the apartment of Ana Belén Montes and copy the contents of her computer.

Ana Belén Montes She was accused of burning some 450 US agents and leaking US military information, which, according to her accusers, led to the death in El Salvador of Green Beret Sergeant Gregory A. Fronio.

The spy was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit espionage and will be released from prison on January 6.

In his defense, Montes went so far as to say that he delivered the information motivated by the injustice of US policies towards the Caribbean island and Latin America in general. However, Lapp believes that the former official carried a deep “anti-Americanism.”

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