AN will investigate evidence revealed by former Trump secretary about invading and killing in Venezuela

AN will investigate evidence revealed by former Trump secretary about invading and killing in Venezuela

President Nicholas Maduro Moors called on the Legislative Branch to initiate an investigation into the revelations published by a former US Secretary of Defense in which he states how the former president of that country, donald trump, Together with his stateless Venezuelan right-wing agents, they colluded to plan attacks and political assassinations in Venezuela.

The presidential request to the National Assembly (AN) refers to the serious confessions of the person who was the head of the US imperial war machine, Mark Esperin his book “A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times.”

“It is a book of his memoirs and he dedicates several pages to Venezuela. And he reveals there how Donald Trump and Juan Guaidó’s miscreant considered invading Venezuela, and made plans to kill me and kill Venezuela’s political high command,” warned the President from Miraflores, where he headed the Council of Vice Presidents, this Monday.

“The evidence is there, he declares it in great detail. Mr. President of the AN, open an investigation of these serious revelations by Trump’s former defense secretary of invading Venezuela, of sending mercenaries from Colombia, of assassinating Nicolás Maduro and ministers, ministers, leaders of the country,” he said, indignant.

The National President, recalling various frustrated terrorist actions over the years, stressed that spokesmen or high-level figures of the US government are always linked to illegal and criminal planning, and always together with people from the Venezuelan extreme right.

“There he is and we, in these four years since his re-election, what we have done is work with the favor of God and his divine protection,” he specified, recalling that this heavenly defense has prevented the assassins from succeeding.

“We have faced four years, head on, we have not hesitated for a second, we have faced our people and history and the enemies of our country; always with the truth and four years later here we go”.



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