AN will hold forums to discuss Mark Esper's confession

AN will hold forums to discuss Mark Esper’s confession

This Tuesday the second session of the Special Commission to investigate the confession of former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was held, as reported by the deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Pedro Infante.

The deputy announced that various forums will be held in the communities to debate the evidence contained in the book and learn the opinion of the population.

“We are going to meet in forums to investigate in depth the attacks against VenezuelaInfante said.

From the Legislative Palace he said that the investigation will be based on the book by John Bolton, the book by Mark Esper and the company contract that was signed between Juan Guaidó, JJ Rendón and Sergio Vergara to assassinate President Maduro, in addition to that the Jordan Goudreau lawsuit.

Infante explained that among the evidence the presence of Voluntad Popular in the assassination actions against the country is repeated.

He also assured that it is evident that the intention of the US against Venezuela was to seize oil resources.

“Those are the fundamental reasons, in addition to the social model applied in Venezuela,” Infante said four days after the Commission was created.

He noted that next week there will be a visit by William Castillo to the national parliament, in order to analyze these events.

Research to Mark Esper’s book

Infante, reported on May 27, that the special commission in charge of investigating the confessions of Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense of the United States (USA), during the government of Donald Trump, about military aggression plans was installed. against Venezuela in his book A Sacred Oath.

Said commission is chaired by deputy Pedro Infante and made up of deputy José Brito, first vice president; deputy Ricardo González, second vice president; and the parliamentarians: Grecia Colmenares, Mario Silva, Ilenia Medina, Gilberto Prieto, Oscar Ronderos and Alfonso Campos.

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, in the ordinary session of the National Assembly last week he clarified that Esper’s book indicates that Donald Trump proposed that US military forces assassinate the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to which Juan Guaidó replied that he agreed.

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