AN garantizará participación de trabajadores en Ley del Régimen Prestacional de Vivienda

AN will guarantee worker participation in the Housing Benefit Regime Law

The Habitat and Housing Subcommittee of the Permanent Administration and Services Commission of the National Assembly (AN) evaluates the reform of the Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime Law; in addition to receiving complaints of real estate scams in various states of the country.

In this regard, the president of the Subcommittee, Deputy Rigel Sergent, explained that they offered a balance “because it is also part of our competence, to show the work that the special commission has been doing for the reform of the Law on the Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime, which will be presented next Tuesday for its first discussion”.

Likewise, he mentioned that a route was established to work on issues with other instances that have to do with service issues, such as the Organic Law for Water, and there communication was established with the Ministry of Popular Power for Water Attention.

In the same way, the Law on the Right to the City was established “we can guarantee that all those complaints that reach the commission are articulated to the 1×10 system of Good Government that the national Executive has established as we also join” .

He stressed that they will initiate a process of consultation of laws on water, electricity, gas and others in the sector “to give more participation to popular power in the construction of these legislative initiatives.”

Among the points that are being evaluated is the receipt of complaints about communal gas service in various states of the country, in compliance with both articles 223 and 224 of the Magna Carta.

This parliamentary commission carries out a review of the status of the bills that it promotes in the area of ​​public services, such as the reform of the Law of Integral Management of Garbage, the Organic Laws of Water, of the Electric System and Service; Risk Management; of Citizen Coexistence; the Right to the City and Social Protection for Habitat and Housing, among other legal instruments related to public services.

The directive of the National Assembly will also present the reports corresponding to the bills so that they can be included in the 2023 legislative agenda.


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