AN will discuss the theft of Venezuelan gold by the United Kingdom

The head of the Venezuelan parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, proposed this Tuesday that next Thursday, August 4, the decision taken from the United Kingdom will be debated, where they announced last week that the Venezuelan gold.

The deputy Jesús Faría took the right to speak and was the one who made the request, rejecting the actions of the US Government for the blockade of gold, a Venezuelan resource in London banks. “We will continue to fight for the defense of our resources!” he said.

“Here no one can doubt that it has been the Bolivarian Revolution, hand in hand with President Nicolás Maduro, that has guaranteed the stability and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people,” Faría said.

Said: “no other government could have kept the peacein the circumstances in which the empire subjected our people, “he said.

In this regard, he highlighted the work carried out by the national government to guarantee the country’s peace and sovereignty, despite the attacks against the country’s stability.

“Here no one can doubt that it has been the Bolivarian Revolution, the one that has guaranteed the sovereignty of the country, due to the aggression that has been a victim, we cannot have the slightest doubt. There is a political responsibility that we have to clarify to our country, there was participation of political actors, and not exclusively those who today still operate as puppets, “said the parliamentarian.

In this sense, he referred to the economic, financial and commercial blockade that Venezuela suffers, which caused the country to stop receiving billions of dollars to serve the people.

The deputy José Brito did the same, who asked for justice for all those who have asked for sanctions and theft of Venezuelan resources.

Last week, the British justice denied the Venezuelan State’s request for access to the Republic’s gold reserves that have been held in the Bank of England since 2019.

The ruling of Judge Sara Cockerill of the High Court of London determined that she does not consider as valid the resolutions of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela that declared the appointment of the directive null and void ad hoc of the BCV appointed by the former opposition deputy Juan Guaidó, alleging that in the United Kingdom there is no legal basis to do so, refers a note from RT.

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