AN repudiates the statements of the mayor of El Tigre against children of the TEA

AN repudiates the statements of the mayor of El Tigre against children of the TEA

The National Assembly (AN) unanimously approved this Thursday the draft agreement in repudiation of the outrageous and intimidating statements against boys and girls on the condition that they Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which were issued this Wednesday by the mayor of Tigre, Anzoátegui state, Ernesto Paraqueima.

The organizations Vida Asperger and Rotary Guanipa They created a mural that seeks to carry a message of inclusion about autism, which was made on a wall on Francisco de Miranda avenue in El Tigre.

Subsequently, the mayor, through a radio program, described the work as “horrifying, frightening and horrible”, also wondering if “they had painted it with the legs”.

“Who painted that so hideous? Who did that? They tell me it was the Asperger children. What did they paint it with? With the legs? What did they try to do? A landscape of what? What a horrible thing!” said the mayor.

Given these statements, the deputy to the AN Mercedes Sánchez – who was in charge of presenting the project – urged them to raise their voices in repudiation of their statements.

“Your behavior is horrible, horrible, outrageous, having to put a municipality of working men and women, respected people like the El Tigre municipality, who goes out every day to build, and have a leader like you face to face.” , he expressed in his participation before Parliament.

For this reason, the Citizen Power was urged to initiate the corresponding “penal and administrative actions”, as well as to execute the political disqualification.

For her part, after recounting the mayor’s sustained hateful behavior towards women and now towards children on the autism spectrum, deputy Asia Villegas said that the official betrayed the popular vote and pointed out that behind his actions there is fascism pure right

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