An offense to use the name of “Las Mujeres del Cuá” in robbery of the María Cavalleri de Matagalpa foundation

The directors of the confiscated María Cavalleri Foundation denounced that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo will inaugurate this week a new training center called “Las Mujeres del Cuá”, exactly on the property where the non-profit entity operated.

The complaint was made through a public letter posted on social networks. In the letter, the directives are addressed to Jessica Yaoska Padilla Leiva, head of the Women’s Ministry, which they deny, after she assured in the dictatorship media that the center is a new construction at the service of women.

«This center is not new, it is 25 years old, it was legally constituted. During these years it has been cared for with much individual and collective effort. It was developed economically, creatively, intellectually, ecologically and spiritually by a group of women based on solidarity and many hands that have contributed to it,” said the leaders of the María Cavalleri Foundation.

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The property confiscated from the organization is located in the Molino Norte community, leaving Matagalpa in the direction of Jinotega; where the regime will inaugurate a “new” training center in the Foundation’s facilities and, in addition, they will name it “Las mujeres del Cuá”.

An offense to use the name of "Las Mujeres del Cuá" in robbery of the María Cavalleri de Matagalpa foundation
The María Cavalleri Foundation worked for 25 years with young women, peasants and midwives for the benefit of other women in vulnerable conditions. Photo: Courtesy / Article 66

They offend women from Cuá

In addition, they regretted that it is a woman and a government minister who says “feeling proud to inaugurate a new center that is the result of robbing other women, assaulting them, raping them and usurping what they have built.”

“I wonder: if the women of Cuá really feel proud that their name is being used to cover up a robbery and an assault and that their name silences the name of other peasant women?” reads near the end of the letter. .

The directives of the foundation accuse the Sandinista minister of being co-responsible for what they consider “another systematic violation of women.”

On May 20, the María Cavalleri Foundation denounced the expropriation of its facilities, after in June 2022 they were stripped of their legal status.

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