An Italian deputy elected in South America seeks to take the claims to Parliament

An Italian deputy elected in South America seeks to take the claims to Parliament

Franco Tirelli was elected deputy for the MAIE Photo Press
Franco Tirelli was elected deputy for MAIE. Photo: Press

Rosario lawyer Franco Tirelli, a newly elected deputy elected by the Italians residing in South America, said on Tuesday that he will follow in his father’s footsteps in managing the problems of that community in Rosario from his seat in Congress, as well as “promoting intercontinental actions to boost regional economies and provide opportunities for young people”.

With a “strong” electoral campaign in which recognized personalities such as the goalkeeper of the Spanish club Cádiz CF, Jeremías Ledesma, and the model Alejandra Maglietti showed their support, In addition to a good part of the legislators and councilors of Rosario, last Sunday the candidate for the Associative Movement of Italians Abroad (MAIE), Franco Tirelli, was elected deputy in the legislative elections of that European country in which Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing coalition prevailed.

Tirelli told Télam that they placed the campaign in the Santa Fe city of Rosario “for a strategic purpose” because with its 155,000 Italian citizens it is the second largest constituency in Argentina and the third largest in South America.

“The campaign bore fruit because Rosario was one of the constituencies where the most votes were cast in the world and that large number of votes allowed us to win at a general level throughout South America,” pointed.

“We proposed to the community that there should be no divisions to recover the representativeness of Rosario with a seat in the Italian parliament after 9 years without obtaining it,” he said.

At 57 years old, after five candidacies and more than ten years in which he alternated top responsibilities at and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Rosario, the brand new deputy assured that he comes to his bench “to solve the problems of Italian citizens in South America”, on a path to help the community started by his father in Rosario.

Among the first measures for his management as an Italian deputy, he highlighted “To achieve an improvement of the consular service whose problem is that Italy does not send the necessary number of employees to Argentina to meet the demands of the enormous number of citizens there are.”

In turn, he pointed out: “My work is in parliament but it is not exclusive, so I am going to visit universities to achieve agreements or scholarships for Italian-Argentine students and ensure that young people have the opportunity to go to study in Italy” .

Another of the axes that it has for its management will involve “going to the Italian communes to carry out joint projects with Argentine and South American communes”; in that sense, he indicated: “I am going to promote commercial missions and commercial exchanges of companies of the regional economies”.

“My mission is to ensure that things do not remain in a signature and an agreement, but that concrete actions are carried out for South America”he emphasized.

Analyzing the general results of the Italian legislative elections, he considered that “the citizen is looking for solutions to their problems and cannot find them in politics, that is why the vote for (Giorgia) Meloni is a consequence of the failure of Italian politics”.

“Now we have to wait to know the decisions he makes when he is in government, because Italy has important social and economic problems after the pandemic, to which are added the complex situation of refugees,” he said.

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