AN installs Special Commission for Agave Cocui-Cocuy

AN installs Special Commission for Agave Cocui-Cocuy

This Thursday, the Special Commission for the Protection of Agave Cocui-Cocuy Production was formally installed, informed the president of said commission, deputy Julio Chávez

“We have the task of working on this special proposal that comes to vindicate and do justice to families and artisan producers of this important drink that has already begun to position itself internationally as a high-quality drink,” he said.Deputy Julio Chavez on a television show.

Likewise, he pointed out that this Special Commission will cover a large part of the national territory to address the different opinions and proposals of the producers.

“This special commission is going to have the task of carrying out the public consultation, we are going to spread out in the states of Lara, Falcón and some other regions of the country to collect the proposals made by the producers themselves, who are the protagonists,” he said, according to refers AVN.

He added that they will work on a law that guarantees the protection and develops the potential of the Agave de Cocui-Cocuy, in order to “be able to insert it into the new economic model that is emerging.”

On June 14, the National Assembly (AN) approved in first discussion and unanimously the project of Law for the Protection and Promotion of the Production of the Agave Cocui-Cocuy.

The cocuy agave, very famous for preparing spirits, due to its resistant fiber, has been used since ancient times for the production of clothing, footwear, hammocks; what’s more; some medicines can be produced from its derivative.

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