AN initiates public consultation for the Housing Benefit Regime Law

The Permanent Commission of Administration and Services began this Wednesday the public consultation of the Partial Reform Project of the Law of the Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime.

In this sense, the instance held a meeting with the members of the special commission that work on this legal initiative, as well as representatives of the Bolivarian Socialist Central of Workers of the City, Countryside and Fisheries of Venezuela, in order to establish the presentation methodology for its second discussion, refers to a press release from the National Assembly on its website.

The president of the permanent commission, deputy Pedro Carreño (PSUV/Delta Amacuro), suggested that the consultation be taken to all sectors of the working class, as main actors in this reform process, from the date until July 15 next.

“We must bring the law to the workers at their workplace, so that they, as the legislator people, are the ones who build the law,” said Carreño, while pointing out that the parliamentarians will do the same as facilitators and guides for the systematization of each proposal and build the legal framework.

For his part, the president of the special commission, representative Rigel Sergent (PSUV/Capital Department) pointed out that this project is currently being promoted, and clarified that the reform of the other laws that support the housing matter is not under debate. from the country.

He stressed that the reform seeks to guarantee the participation of workers in the Superior Body of the National Housing and Habitat System and in the board of directors of the National Housing and Habitat Bank (Banavih).

Similarly, he indicated that this legislative proposal seeks to generate new sources of financing to serve the labor sector in housing matters; as well as the creation of a special fund, the activation of the urban equipment fund and the creation of strategic alliances with workers’ savings banks.

“That the entire financial system that involves the Habitat National Housing System, can strengthen financing and resources, to advance housing projects, access to materials and housing rehabilitation,” added the president of the Special Commission .

1×10 of Good Government

On another topic, Deputy Franklin Rondón (PSUV/Anzoátegui) presented a report where he highlighted the importance of the 1×10 system of Good Government, promoted by the National Executive and the coordination, articulation and synergy of the Permanent Commission of Administration and Services with this new mechanism, to meet the requirements of the people in solving problems of public services.

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