Parliamentary Commission of the AN will support work in El Castaño

AN has discussed more than 60 laws during 2021 and 2022

The parliamentary bosom has been discussing and approving projects and laws, as part of the legislative work that was paralyzed, due to the ineffectiveness of the 2015 parliament, which was dedicated to calling for the financial blockade and looting of the nation’s heritage assets.

This was reported by deputy Rodolfo Zerpa in a television interview. He explained that in 2021, 38 laws were approved in the AN: “it is said fast, but it is an important number. This year 2022, we have already 19 laws under discussion”, to advance and continue transforming the legal body of the Nation.

He indicated that this year, the president of the parliamentary entity, Jorge Rodríguez, has requested the revision of all the laws of People’s Power. “They were already approved in the first discussion and we are making a dissemination plan for these laws, 8 blocks were created throughout the country and we are in this permanent discussion.”

Likewise, he highlighted that 5 laws are under constant verification and discussion, among them: the Organic Law of Communal CouncilsOrganic Law of Social Comptrollership, Organic Law of Communes and the Organic Law of Popular Economy.

“We can say that part of this work, which has been developed, has a character of attachment to what has to do with the will of the people; and laws that have been discussed in economic matters and Bills, which we will continue to expand in the year 2023 ”, he pointed out.

He affirmed that by the year 2023, the discussions of pending laws will be resumed, such as the Organic Law of Universities and the Organic Law for Health, “revisions will be made to start the discussions, they are laws that will continue to be promoted to place them at the new times… We do not hide from the discussion, it is part of the debate”.

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