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AN expresses its solidarity with Türkiuye and Syria for earthquakes registered this Monday

AN expresses its solidarity with Türkiuye and Syria for earthquakes registered this Monday

The National Assembly (AN) expressed solidarity this Tuesday with Türkiye and Syria, after the earthquakes registered this Monday and which already leaves a balance of more than six thousand deaths.

«Our close solidarity and collaboration of the brother peoples of Türkiye and the Syrian Republic. From the AN we express our regret for the earthquake that occurred, and we hope that the Syrian and Turkish people will recover,” said the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez.

In this sense, the deputy Imad Saab Saab referred to the fact, and asserted that this type of tragedies “hurts when it comes to friendly countries.”

“It is a tragedy that unfortunately has left more than five thousand dead, thousands injured and missing who continue to appear under the rubble, the tragedy hurts all of us, there is death, desolation,” he stressed during his participation in the ordinary session of this Tuesday.

In this regard, he highlighted the work carried out by Türkiye with Venezuela, despite the economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States (USA).

«Türkiye is our brother, when some countries tried to block food, medicine, there was Türkiye. While we are eliminating the flights, the Türkiye flag line appeared and opened a direct Caracas-Istanbul flight, to break the international blockade,” he stressed.

Similarly, he highlighted the alliances it has with the Republic of Syria.

“Syria has always been an ally of ours,” he said.

On the other hand, he highlighted the solidarity of Venezuela and other nations of the world, and asserted that, despite the sanctions, “Venezuela has always been a value in international solidarity.”

“Solidarity has been born in many countries of the world, in people that we did not imagine, and Venezuela is not far behind and Venezuela has always been a bulwark in international solidarity,” he said.

It should be remembered that, this Tuesday, Venezuela announced that it will send a team from the Air Search and Rescue Service (SAR) to Türkiye to support the search and rescue of people injured by the landslides that occurred after the earthquake.

According to the latest balance offered by the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), in Türkiye the number of deaths from the earthquake already reaches 4,544 people.

With these data, and added to those of Syria (a little more than 1,600 deaths), the death toll now rises to 6,256, making these earthquakes the worst in the region in almost a century.

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