AN continues discussion on Asset Forfeiture Law

AN continues discussion on Asset Forfeiture Law

More than 10,000 people have participated in the public consultation on the Project of the Organic Law on Asset Forfeiture, which will expedite the disposal of assets from illegal acts for the use of citizens’ needs.

This was reported on Thursday Deputy Diosdado Cabello Rondón, president of the Domestic Policy Commission of the National Assembly (AN), during the second discussion of the aforementioned law.

He added that 1,200 proposals were received, as well as contributions from the Public Ministry and the Comptroller General of the Republic.

“This law is based on a model proposed by the United Nations, in this model it is contemplated that, in those assets coming from illegal acts, the States are under the obligation to dispose of them for their most efficient use,” explained Cabello.

Law Enforcement in Venezuela

During his right to speak, the head of the government party caucus He referred to the concern that President Nicolás Maduro maintains regarding the acts of corruption that have occurred in strategic state companies.

“We cannot allow assets acquired with money from drug trafficking and corruption to lose their useful life (…) The Venezuelan State must act. Once the decision is made, the State proceeds, ”he emphasized.

For this reason, this law “will complement everything that has been done with the arrest of some people who have assets and who cannot justify their origin in any way.”

He added that “the Venezuelan State contemplates its use on several fronts: socially, services, and citizen security.”

Corruption equals treason

The PSUV leader clarified that the scope of the law “has to do not only with public officials, but also with businessmen who have committed acts of corruption.”

“Whoever commits acts of corruption not only steals from the people, but is also betraying his own country, because he takes for himself money that belongs to the whole world. That is why the State is obliged to return it to whoever truly belongs to it,” Cabello settled.


This Thursday, the deputies of the Venezuelan parliament held the second discussion of the Project of the Organic Law on Asset Forfeiture, with the approval of 19 articles of the new legal instrument.

However, at the request of the government bench, the approval of the new legal opinion was postponed to review the wording of subsequent articles.

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