Comisión de Comunas AN se incorpora a campaña internacional “No+OTAN”

AN Communes Commission joins the international campaign “No+NATO”

The Permanent Commission for the Development of Communes activates the national debate of the international No+NATO campaign, with the aim of raising awareness of the actions of the international block on humanity and to promote the salvation of the human species, in the midst of war imperialist that began with the conflict in Russia that threatens the entire planet.

This was reported by the president of the parliamentary body, deputy Blanca Eekhout, during the ordinary meeting of the commission, where the paper “War, NATO and the New World Order: A look at Our America” ​​was presented, by Fernando Rivero and Carlos Casanuevas, promoters of the international No+NATO campaign, reviews the AN website.

Eekhout indicated that it is necessary to defend the Bolivarian Revolution against the threat of destruction and barbarism, which Venezuela has faced with a true, participatory and leading democracy, where the backbone of our revolution is popular power.

He also added that the fifth historical objective of the Plan de la Patria contemplates saving life on the planet and achieving balance in a multipolar and multicentric world, because Pacha Mama is in danger, a product of barbaric, destructive models of war, coming from capitalism, in the neoliberal phase, which threatens to exterminate.

For his part, the international coordinator of the No+NATO campaign, Carlos Casanuevas, invited active participation against the summit to be held by the multilateral organization on May 28 and 29, in which the peoples of the world are the vanguard of the anti-imperialist struggle, “because it is not only the NATO conflict, the armed wing of Ukraine’s confrontation with Russia, but it also threatens peace and food security and the life of the human species,” he said.

Fernando Rivero, also from the committee promoting the campaign, said that the armed wing of the US and the imperialist powers are trying to impose their military planning under a model of coexistence that is none other than neoliberal globalization.

He urged to eradicate NATO’s plans in the world, and to build a much fairer international order that is equal to the great issues that impact humanity today, such as climate change, poverty, hunger, among others.



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