An assortment of crypto: the Las Piedras mini-supermarket that accepts payments with Bitcoin

The digital currencies They are increasingly participating in the Uruguayan markets, and this time, a mini supermarket in Las Piedras joined the technological advance, allowing its customers to pay for purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Since it opened its doors a year ago, El Mini super accepts cryptocurrencies, he told Coffee & Business Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Jorge, owner of the business and of SSI fast food, a gastronomic place that is a few blocks away.

“The Mini super. We accept Bitcoin”, appears on a blackboard at the doors of the business located in the Argentine Republic and Luis Alberto de Herrera, which is attended by its own owners. With that image the video with which Escuelita Bitcoin —an educational project on finance, blockchain and Bitcoin— He made this trade known on his social networks, in a communication action that reached the crypto community and reached Serbia, to an account with three million followers.

Buying grass, milk or bread, everyday items, can be done with cryptocurrencies. And when asked how much does it cost? Nacho replied: “it costs the same”, and that question, which is part of the daily questions of customers who come to the store, is a trigger for education. In addition, to encourage the use of the cryptocurrency, those who pay with bitcoin get a 5% discount, he highlighted.

Yes ok The Super Mini sells its items with that currency (and also cash and debit in Uruguayan pesos)purchases from suppliers must be paid in Uruguayan pesos.

Educate on purchases

Nacho is an educator and has been working in the cryptocurrency sector for more than six years. “I am one of the bitcoin pros in Uruguay and I try to make the adoption (of cryptocurrencies) arrive,” he commented.

Since Luis Alberto de Herrera and Luis Alberto de Herrera opened the mini-supermarket in the Argentine Republic, customers have come to see how cryptocurrencies work, some out of interest, others out of curiosity and also some skeptics, “everyone wonders ‘do you win?’ and I explain to them that it is not that way, that it is another monetary policy and another philosophy of life, “he said.

One of the clients of El Mini super is a photographic artist who sells NFTs and pays for his purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Due to the interest shown by several of the clients, the entrepreneur is organizing a talk about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. “We are on the side of education and avoiding scams,” he said.

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