AN asks to investigate the prosecutor who charged the pilot of the Emtrasur plane

The president of the National Assembly (AN) Jorge Rodríguez, requested this Tuesday that the Argentine justice investigate the prosecutor Cecilia Incardona, who charged the Iranian pilot of a Venezuelan plane illegally held in Argentina.

«The day he signed the monstrosity, the one who signed that same day visited the Embassy of the United States of America and the Embassy of Israel, to ask for a visa to go to Disney? No, no one saw them going out with Disney ears. He went to collect, he went to get the reais they paid him for committing the hijacking of the plane », he said.

He added that Incardona was the prosecutor of one of the darkest judges who endured crimes against humanity against Argentina. “This lady, by magic, in the trial of that judge, the evidence that incriminated him disappeared and the judge was released, thanks to the action of this lady.”

The information was released during a debate in the Venezuelan parliament where an agreement was approved rejecting to the hijacking of the Emtrasur plane in June.

Rodríguez reiterated that the arrest of the plane is a kidnapping by the United States and that in Argentina there is no separation of powers.

“It is a vulgar hijacking of a Venezuelan and Iranian plane and crew. Our response must be simple and clear, and we must not move from there, they return the plane to us and we want our kidnapped brothers and sisters, if we do not go to the streets and international spaces to demand justice and fight for dignity”, Rodriguez said.

He pointed out that the media have reproduced lies around the fact, creating the matrix to “rob Venezuelans”, with the actions of a judicial system, the Argentine, which “is kneeling” to the US, and is a violation of the right international.

In addition, the human rights of Venezuelans have been violated because, in addition, they have taken away their documents and promoted a campaign against their morals.

“Only two things are we going to tell them: they return the plane to us and we love all our Venezuelan brothers, if not we are going to the street and in the street, and all the international spaces, we are going to fight each other,” he added.

people in disagreement

In the plenary session, Yonai Ojeda, a Conviasa worker, had the right to speak and asked the parliamentarians to do justice for the company’s personnel who are being held against their will on Argentine soil for doing their job of bringing services and goods to the world.

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