An Argentine suffered a hate attack and his complaint was taken as "robbery with violence"

An Argentine suffered a hate attack and his complaint was taken as "robbery with violence"

Alejandro Aymu suffered a hate attack in Chile.

The journalist and activist Alejandro Aymú maintained that the aggression he suffered from some ten people in Santiago de Chile should be framed within the figure of hate attack based on sexual orientation, but that the complaint he made at the police station has as a cover “robbery with violence”

Although he made it known now, the event occurred on October 28 passed at 3 in the morning when Aymú was about to cross a bridge that crosses the Mapocho river.

“It was a hate attack when I was leaving a nightclub and was about to cross the bridge that crosses the river. There I was surprised from behind and they hanged me with a rope, they kicked me and hit me among ten people. At that moment They called me “maraca, faggot”; theirs was kicking me, reducing me and emphasizing my sexual orientation. They asked me for my cell phone and I gave them the fanny pack with everything, documents, cards and money,” Aymú told Télam.

The case investigating the incident is carried out by prosecutor Patricia Varas Pacheco, head of the Specialized Prosecutor for Gender in Santiago de Chile.

Aymú declared last Tuesday from the Foreign Ministry by videoconference and in His testimony emphasized that the assault suffered was “a hate attack based on sexual orientation.”

He stressed that it is the first time that the Foreign Ministry collaborates with another country for reasons of hate attacks based on sexual orientation and that The Argentine ambassador in Chile, Rafael Bielsa, communicated with him.

“This happened because it is allowed for this to happen in a place that is a liberated zone where there are gay nightclubs. There were no security devices in a place where the LGBTIQ community, young people and tourists go“, said.

He recounted that he was stabbed and then began to “scream” and the attackers ran away.

“I stopped the little traffic that was circulating and they did not show solidarity with me, they avoided me. Until a girl passed by and I told her I’m gay and they stole everything from me. ‘That happens in Chile, I’m a lesbian,’ she told me, ”she said.

The researcher of the Cultural Center for Cooperation and member of the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion pointed out that the “change of the reason for the complaint to a hate attack is stipulated in subsections 6 and 21 of article 12 of the Chilean Penal Code.”

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