AN approves agreement to respect the diplomatic condition of Alex Saab

AN approves agreement to respect the diplomatic condition of Alex Saab

This Thursday in extraordinary session the National Assembly approved an agreement in defense of respect for the diplomatic status of Alex Saab, kidnapped in the United States in clear violation of laws, treaties and international agreements.

From the Legislative Palace rostrum, Camila Fabri de Saab, special guest at the session, asked for respect for the processes, the Republic of Venezuela and its sovereign decisions.

He emphasized that Alex Saab remains firm, fighting for the Venezuelan people, “because the truth accompanies us.”

She also expressed her gratitude for always feeling accompanied, and highlighted the example of struggle and resilience of the Venezuelan people which, she indicated, has taught her to fight for her husband’s freedom.

«I am sure that if we are going to achieve it, that Alex Saab will return to his homeland. We are with Venezuela and we are with Alex Saab. Free Alex Saab!” Fabri said.

Illegal trial against Alex Saab

For her part, Ilenia Medina, first vice-president of the Permanent Commission on Foreign Policy, Sovereignty and Integration, indicated when presenting the project that “the proposed agreement is a small gesture that we must make in light of the sacrifice of this kidnapped man.”

Medina highlighted the importance of the agreement in light of the illegal trial that began on December 12 in the United States against diplomat Alex Saab.

He pointed out that, despite all the claims and ignoring international law treaties, a court decided to try the Venezuelan diplomat whose only sin was trying to defeat the economic war and the crime against humanity that they were committing against the Venezuelan people.

“From this rostrum we ask to remind the Venezuelan people that on Tuesday, December 20, that court must decide to release Alex Saab,” he said.

The National Assembly handed over to Camila Fabri the solidarity agreement approved in plenary, through which respect for his status as a diplomat is demanded.

This Friday, in the extraordinary session of Parliament, the draft Budget for the Financial Economic Exercise of the National Assembly for the year 2023 was also approved.

Productive year of the National Assembly

The president of the National Assembly officially ended the annual cycle of parliament with a balance of 73 sessions, 39 Laws approved in the first discussion, 21 Laws sanctioned and 77 Agreements.

During his participation in the plenary, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, pointed out that the goal of the National Assembly is to adapt the current legal instruments that are obsolete due to the times.

In this regard, he announced that they will continue to advance in the legislative plan drawn up for 2022 and 2023, as it is, the modernization of the body of laws of Venezuela.

“I express my deepest gratitude for the work, for the tenacity, strength, courage, and intelligence and improvement that I have noticed in our deputies,” he stressed, Rodríguez said when formally closing the cycle of sessions of the National Assembly.

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