AN approved the first discussion of the School Peaceful Coexistence project

AN approved the first discussion of the School Peaceful Coexistence project

This Thursday the National Assembly (AN) approved in first discussion the bill for Peaceful Coexistence in Schools.

This project was approved unanimously and consists of 24 articles, three chapters, a statement of reasons and a final provision.

During his speech, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, emphasized the need to work not only on the creation of a bill that addresses child abuse in schools, but also that which is experienced on social networks.

«The child, the young man is always believed. Don’t assume that he is making things up, that he is fantasizing. He is always more serious than how he paints it and that has to be in this spirit of the law, “Rodríguez stressed.

In order to address the project, the president of the AN ordered the Parliament’s Commission for Education, Science and Technology to carry out an in-depth debate on the law, as well as “listen to those who are not heard”, referring to the victims of school violence.

“I would like (…) that in this second discussion the voice of those who are not heard be heard, because of child and youth abuse, related to cybernetic media,” he stressed.

In the presentation, the promoter of the project, Enrique Ramos, stated that this regulation seeks to protect all the inhabitants who live on the school campus from violence, as well as from electronic media.

“This bill will be discussed in each classroom, teacher, cook, and above all, in the community, in popular power. The doors are opening for a new era of the new man », he pointed out.

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