AN approved in first discussion 8 laws on social development in 2022

AN approved in first discussion 8 laws on social development in 2022

eight projects of law in terms of comprehensive social development were approved in the first discussion, during the first period of ordinary sessions of the year 2022 of the National Assembly (AN).

The information was released by the Venezuelan Parliament, through a note press release, detailing that the Permanent Commission for Comprehensive Social Development, chaired by deputy Pedro Infante, closed the first session with eight bills approved, out of the 23 that were raised on its legislative agenda.

Public consultation

Currently, the eight projects approved in the first discussion by the AN are subject to national public consultation.

These bills are: the Organic Law for the Integration, Equality and Comprehensive Development of Persons with Disabilities; Law of the Right to the City, Law of Social Development of Housing and Habitat (Law of Self-managed Production of the Popular Habitat), Law of Student Participation of the Basic Education Subsystem, Law of Student Peaceful Coexistence, Law of National Holidays, the Law Special Law on the Work of Persons with Disabilities and the Special Law on Homeworkers.

parliamentary deployment

With the objective that the people and the communities know the content of the approved projects, the Permanent Commission for Comprehensive Social Development has carried out a deployment throughout all the states of the country, with the execution of 79 assemblies with the Popular Power and the competent organisms in the area of ​​social development.

Legal instruments under development

The Permanent Commission for Comprehensive Social Development is preparing several legal instruments, among them are: the Law of Digitization of Historical Heritage, the reform of the Organic Law of Sports, Physical Activity and Physical Education, the Special Law of Agricultural Workers, the Special Law of Work in Land Transport, Special Law of Motorized Workers, Law of the National Institute of Nutrition and the Law of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Likewise, the Law on Comprehensive Protection and Care for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEA) and Similar Conditions, the Law on Care for People with Hearing Difficulty, the Organic Law on Sexual and Reproductive Rights, are under study. Special Law of Workers who perform Housework, Special Law of Professional Sports Workers, Special Law of Work in Maritime, River and Lake Navigation, Special Law of Work in Air Transport and the Special Law of Cultural Workers.

16 ordinary meetings

In this first period of sessions of the National Assembly, the Comprehensive Social Development Commission held 16 ordinary meetings and 45 meetings with organizations with competence in the Social Process of Work, Health, Education, Habitat and Housing, Economy and Finance, Ombudsman , Public Ministry, National Electoral Council and the Administrative Service of Identification, Migration and Immigration, in order to strengthen and advance the laws that are being worked on in this legislative body.

Agreements approved in plenary of the AN

Regarding the agreements approved in the Plenary of the AN, the commission presented four.

The first for the 208th anniversary of the Battle of Victory on February 12, 1814 and Youth Day; the second for the celebration of the International Zero Discrimination Day; the third for International Women’s Day; and a fourth agreement for the International Workers’ Day.

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