AN agreement unanimously approved to commemorate National Journalist’s Day

The National Assembly (AN) unanimously approved a salutation agreement by the National Journalist’s Dayregarding the ordinary session this Tuesday.

In the document, the National Parliament recognizes the workers of journalism, who ethically carry out their work to contribute to the political and social development of the country, AVN reports.

According to the deputy Richard Gonzalez, in Venezuela the journalistic profession in Venezuela was democratized by Commander Hugo Chavez Friasby facilitating access to communications and “breaking 200 years of silence”.

“We journalists are partying and we are going to continue telling the truth and no matter how much they continue to attack us from Miami, they will find us standing up, with the camera on our shoulders and pencil in hand,” said the deputy.

Similarly, the parliamentarian Jose Luis Perezcommented that it is important that the exercise of journalism is not to promote hatred.

For his part, the deputy Juan Carlos Germanrecalled that the Bolivarian revolution has opened the possibilities for the performance of journalism and communication, in contrast to the censorship that was applied in the Fourth Republic.

The National Day of the Journalist is commemorated every June 27 and was a proposal of the journalist William Garcia Ponce in 1964, who was imprisoned, then, in the San Carlos Barracks for the persecution and repression of the right-wing government of the day.

AN agreement unanimously approved to commemorate National Journalist's Day



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