AN agreed to honor the Militia for overthrowing the 2002 coup

AN agreed to honor the Militia for overthrowing the 2002 coup

The National Assembly approved this Wednesday, by a qualified majority, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the April 2002 Revolution and honor the Bolivarian Militia of Venezuela for overthrowing the coup d’état together with the people and returning Commander Hugo Chávez to power.

According to a note from Parliament, the approved agreement calls for the date to be commemorated by honoring the women and men of the Bolivarian Militia, together with patriotic soldiers of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, for overthrowing the coup orchestrated by the North American empire and the right sectors.

Likewise, the AN urges the authorities, workers of public administration bodies, private institutions, all members of committees, foundations, associations, movements and social organizations to join the celebration of the National Day of the Militia.

During the presentation of the agreement, deputy Francisco Ameliach indicated that on April 13, 2002, no one summoned the people; however, he went out to the front of the barracks.

“This came about thanks to the rebuilding of political trust by President Hugo Chavez from 1994 to 2002,” he stressed.

For his part, the parliamentarian Jesús Suárez Chourio remarked: “Every 11 has its 13”, while denouncing that the events of those days occurred after a scheme directed by the United States.

Likewise, he reiterated that the people must never forget that the North American empire uses its matrix of perfect coup d’état, “the same one that was applied to Salvador Allende,” he added.

212 years of the cry of freedom

The agreement to commemorate the 212 years of the Venezuelan cry for Independence on April 19, 1810 was also unanimously approved.

The agreement contemplates the historical date as a revolutionary milestone that meant the political, economic and cultural emancipation of the women and men of the country that led to the installation of the Supreme Board of Caracas and the subsequent Cabildo de Caracas, where the drafting began. of the document that would promote the process of the Independence of Venezuela.

In this sense, the AN ratifies the commitment to commemorate together with the people the 212 years since the beginning of the independence process that gave rise to the free and sovereign Republic under the leadership of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

During the presentation of the agreement, Deputy Juan Romero highlighted the historical deed of the patriots and stressed that they were made invisible by the Academy of History.

For Romero, the interpretation of April 19 is a deeply Eurocentric story, “a historical accumulation of contradictions,” the note added.

World Mother Earth Day Agreement

The National Assembly approved an agreement on the occasion of World Mother Earth Day, the document states that this day seeks to expand and diversify the environmental movement throughout the world and mobilize it in order to build a healthy and sustainable environment, make it against climate change and protect the Earth from future generations.

The agreement also considers that peoples have the same rights to protection against climate change and encourages developed countries to adapt their lifestyles and consumption to this global emergency.

During the debate, the deputies pointed out that climate change is one of the main challenges of this 21st century because its manifestations have repercussions on biology, economy and society.

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